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If you are reading this, we hope you have some ink smudges on your fingers. For the first time since March 2020, this gazette exists once again outside of the digital realm. We are tickled black and white. Not only can you keep yourself informed on all the New York City (and beyond) jazz happenings, you can also use the paper as a fan, keeping yourself cool while checking out one of the many outdoor concerts on tap this month. Twice the value, same price—free! (Of course if your preference is digital, we continue to offer our editions as free downloads and in full color at

The Vision Festival continues its laudable initiative of honoring the career arc of musicians during their lifetime. Pianist/singer/composer Amina Claudine Myers (On The Cover) is the latest recipient and will present an evening's worth of her projects at this year's edition. Vibraphonist David Friedman (Interview) has a beautiful new album featuring some of his students from his long teaching career in Germany. Pianist Mara Rosenbloom (Artist Feature) may someday be up for her own Vision Festival Lifetime Achievement award but this month makes her debut as a leader in it. Bassist/visual artist Paul Van Gysegem (Encore) has been actively recording over the last few years, a welcome return for one of the most interesting musicians to come out of the '60s European avant garde scene. Late drummer Roy Brooks (Lest We Forget) has recently gotten the deluxe Unearthed Gem treatment with a 1970 concert recording put out by Reel to Real. And saxophonist Stephen Gauci, tireless jazz advocate, is featured via his Gaucimusic imprint (Label Profile), which has kept musicians active with its Pandemic Duets series and the now-restarted weekly series at Bushwick Public House.


By Jordannah Elizabeth; photos by Alan Nahigian

79-year-old pianist, vocalist, composer and visionary improviser Amina Claudine Myers is admirably active, continuing to nurture her artistic musical skills as if time was never a factor and utilizing every moment as an opportunity to evolve. Myers is at Vision Festival Jul. 23rd.


By Jim Motavalli; photo courtesy of the artist

Percussionist David Friedman is a major innovator on his principal instruments, vibraphone and marimba, and was much-appreciated in the studios beginning in the early '60s. Based in Germany since 1987, Friedman founded the jazz program at Berlin's University of the Arts and headed it for 16 years while keeping up a busy schedule as a player. Friedman's most recent recording, The Berlin Mallet Group's Sogni D'oro (MalletMuse), in fact, features many of his former students.


By John Pietaro; photo courtesy of the artist

For Wisconsin native pianist Mara Rosenbloom, "The music has to include focus, an awareness of everything, every sound, but it's also about having trust in the intuitive, the creative mind. That's always ahead of the thinking mind. If you don't trust it, it puts you back. If you trust it, you can move at the speed of light." Such depth of perspective is central to the Rosenbloom philosophy, one grown exponentially over time. Rosenbloom is at Vision Festival Jul. 29th.


By Andrey Henkin

Discography, while a noble pursuit, is, nonetheless, an incomplete one, trying to characterize a musician's career solely by the documents they leave behind, much like an archeologist attempting to recreate a long-extinct society from shards of pottery and broken tools. Absent more voluminous remains, that society—or musician—can only be sketched in the broadest of strokes, lacking nuance and depth. This preamble leads to Belgian bassist Paul Van Gysegem, who, along with pianist Fred Van Hove, made up the small early coterie of free-minded players in a country more known for traditional jazzers and fusioneers.

Lest We Forget: ROY BROOKS

By Marilyn Lester

Detroit-based drummer Roy Brooks has been gone for 16 years, but his legacy remains vivid. He was talented, creative, innovative, eccentric and ultimately troubled. Bipolar disorder not only blocked him from achieving the fame he deserved, but tragically ended his career.

Record Label Spotlight: GAUCIMUSIC

By Eric Wendell

"My music is extremely honest...that's the power," says Stephen Gauci, saxophonist and founder of the eponymous label Gaucimusic. Gauci's robust tone and workhorse mindset is truthfully original and unparalleled even in a modern scene rife with immense talent. Gauci's Bushwick Series is at Bushwick Public House Mondays. Gauci is also at Downtown Music Gallery Jul. 10th and Scholes Street Studio July. 24th.

CD Reviews

(this month's performance/streaming venues in parentheses):

  1. Charnett MoffettNew Love Motéma (Yoshi's)
  2. Greg MurphyCool Water Whaling City Sound (Let Love Inn; Lorenzo's; Riverbank State Park; Dana Discovery Center)
  3. The Why..This Earth s/r (Bushwick Public House)
  4. Michaël Attias/Simon NabatovBrooklyn Mischiefs Leo (Bushwick Public House)
  5. Tony MalabyTurnpike Diaries, Volume 1 s/r (Bushwick Public House; Barbès; Vision Festival)
  6. Harold LandWestward Bound Reel to Real
  7. Vincent Peirani/Emile ParisienAbrazo ACT
  8. Dino SaluzziAlbores ECM
  9. Joëlle Léandre/Pascal ContetArea Sismica We Insist!
  10. Matthew ShippThe Reward (Solo Piano In Four Movements) Rogue Art (Vision Festival)
  11. Matthew Shipp/Evan ParkerLeonine Aspect Rogue Art (Vision Festival)
  12. East AxisCool With That ESP-Disk
  13. Nicole Mitchell/Lisa E. HarrisEearthSeed FPE (Vision Festival)
  14. Tom Rainey ObbligatoUntucked in Hannover Intakt (Vision Festival)
  15. Michael Gregory JacksonFrequency Equilibrium Koan Golden (Vision Festival)
  16. Joe Lovano & Dave Douglas SoundprintsOther Worlds Greenleaf Music (Blue Note)
  17. Joe LovanoGarden of Expression ECM (Blue Note)
  18. Acute Inflections400 s/r (Don't Tell Mama)
  19. James Brandon Lewis Red Lily QuintetJesup Wagon TAO Forms (Vision Festival)
  20. Dave Liebman Generations QuartetInvitation ARMJA (54 Below)
  21. Mehmet Ali Sanlıkol & Whatsnext?The Rise Up: Stories of Strife, Struggle and Inspiration Dünya
  22. Ronnell BrightThe Ronnell Bright Trio Polydor-Sam
  23. Barry Altschul's 3Dom FactorLong Tall Sunshine Not Two
  24. Uptown Jazz TentetWhat's Next Irrabagast
  25. I Don't Hear Nothin' But The BluesVolume 3: Anatomical Snuffbox Irrabagast
  26. Jaimie BranchFLY or DIE LIVE International Anthem(Vision Festival)
  27. Zeena Parkins/Mette Rasmussen/Ryan SawyerGlass Triangle Relative Pitch (Vision Festival)
  28. Michael Bisio/Kirk Knuffke/Fred Lonberg-HolmThe Art Spirit ESP-Disk (Vision Festival)
  29. Joe McPhee Michael MarcusBlue Reality Quartet Mahakala Music (Vision Festival)
  30. Yuma Uesaka/Cat Toren/Colin HintonOcelot 577 Records (Bushwick Public House)
  31. Peter EvansStandards More is More (Green Lung Studio; JACK)
  32. George LewisRainbow Family Carrier
  33. The FlakePlays Clinkers Amalgam
  34. Saadet Türköz/Nils WogramSongDreaming Leo
  35. Saadet Türköz/Zim NgqawanaRememberMe Klang Gallerie
  36. Alex CondeDescarga for Bud Sedajazz
  37. Masabumi KikuchiHanamichi (The Final Studio Recording) Red Hook
  38. Lol CoxhillCoxhill '85 SLAM
  39. Daniel Humair/Samuel Blaser/Heiri Känzig1291 Out Note
  40. Samuel Blaser18 monologues élastiques Outhere Music
  41. Roberto MirandaLive at Bing Theatre - Los Angeles, 1985 Dark Tree
  42. Purple GumsBack Where We Came From Tomato Sage Consortium
  43. Johnny Hodges13 Mars 1961 (Live in Paris) Fremeaux & Assoc.
  44. Steve Tintweiss and The Purple WhyMarksTown INKY DoT MEDIA
  45. Natsuki Tamura/Satoko FujiiKeshin Libra
  46. Ikue Mori/Satoko Fujii/Natsuki TamuraPrickly Pear Cactus Libra
  47. Natsuki Tamura/Satoko Fujii/Ramón LópezMantle Not Two
  48. Frank Morelli/Keith OxmanThe Ox-Mo Incident Capri
  49. Louis ArmstrongThe Complete Louis Armstrong Columbia and RCA Victor Studio Sessions 1946-1966 Mosaic

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